The Stanford Business School (Stanford Graduate School of Business – GSB) is located in the state of California in the United States, this university offers a master’s program or graduate to the general direction of Business Administration or MBA. This institution was founded in 1925 and among its graduates are three Nobel laureates, among other winners of prestigious awards recognized among science, finance, arts, among others; This university has partnerships with major allies and affiliated research centers as well as a close relationship with nearby technology companies in Silicon Valley.

The school has one of the lowest rates in the world admitted, fulfilling their requirements and search for a selected profile, given admission to only 5% of applicants; houses about 380 students cursante its MBA program two years, and a small portion of students entered the program with a degree not directly related to the management of companies, which includes other graduates as medicine and law year. And also it offers a doctorate for those who plan and want to pursue a career in academia.


The Full Time MBA program at Stanford Graduate School of Business begins every September, as its name suggests is full time, lasts two academic years plus voluntary practices in the summer that divides the first and second year.

In the first year it is almost the same for everyone because of the requirement of a “Core” structure which covers all the basic knowledge they need to know the students, which acts as a common basis with respect to the key concepts of business also giving the opportunity to validate the subject if you already have prior knowledge, which is done by examination prior quarter.

During the second year, the subjects are optional and each student has the opportunity to build an academic curriculum tailored to their interests and affinities. But still in Stanford no specializations so that each modifies its MBA as it sees fit and the possibility of obtaining two special certificates, such as the Public Management Program that focuses on issues of non-profit and public sector or Global Management that is directed towards international trade.

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